JSF BodyShop will be closing down on April 30, 2014, and is no longer accepting new members.


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JSF BodyShop™ allows you to create your very own bio and inspiration space to help you store your stats, logs, progress photos, find workout partners, stay in touch with friends and more.

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  3. Track your weight, body fat %, measurements, goals and more!
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  5. Browse over 7,000 foods with macronutrient breakdown and track your caloric intake.
  6. Build your own exercise routines with our built-in exercise database or create your own custom exercises.
  7. Connect with other fitness enthusiasts through messaging, chat and message boards.
  8. Join and create networks for you and your friends.

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JSF BodyShop will be closing down in mid-2014, and is no longer accepting new members. Existing members may log in using the link in the menu bar above.

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